May 5, 2016

New Product ReleaseĀ 

Tobii pro X3-120

Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at 120 Hz. This ultra-slim, powerful research system is perfect for studies outside of the lab, and a new generation of eye tracking technology makes it possible to track more people than ever. It is designed for exhaustive, detailed fixation-based research.

TobiiPro_X2_120_Eye_Tracker_3_1The Tobii Pro X3-120 is our latest screen-based eye tracker and has a sampling rate of 120 Hz. It features our latest eye tracking technology advancements.

The system provides exceptional flexibility and accommodates a wide array of human behavior studies. The ultra-slim, light design makes for a compact solution, ideal for studies in authentic research environments. The Pro X3-120 is capable of tracking more people than ever before, and the discrete form factor promotes unobtrusive data collection.

The system shows exactly where people are looking and, with a sampling rate of 120 Hz, it is designed for detailed research into the timing and duration of fixations. The Pro X3-120 is perfect for both qualitative and quantitative research, e.g. calculation of different eye tracking metrics.