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The Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker sets a new standard for remote eye trackers. Its unique combination of 300 Hz sampling rate, very high precision and accuracy, robust eye tracking and compensation for large head movements extends the possibilities for unobtrusive research of oculomotor functions and human behavior. Tobii TX300 offers flexibility with numerous stimuli set-up and software options.

300 Hz eye tracking for detailed research

Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker collects gaze data at 300 Hz yet allows large head movements. The system is designed for studies that require a higher sampling rate; e.g. the need to study eye movements such as saccades, correction saccades, fixations, pupil size changes and blinks. In behavioral studies, subjects do not have to be positioned in an unnatural chinrest.

Fields of use

Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker is suitable for eye tracking in areas such as:

• Neuroscience studies (e.g. studies combining eye tracking and EEG data)

• Ophthalmology studies

• Reading studies

• Psychology research (e.g. developmental psychology and psycholinguistics studies)

• Gaze-contingent paradigms due to a latency of 10 msec

The unique combination of a higher sampling rate and large head movement box benefits eye tracking studies where freedom of movement is important, including behavioral research or eye movement research involving children and comparative psychology research involving primates.

Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker is available for purchase or for rental.



Freedom of movement, unobtrusive eye tracking

  • Tolerance of large head movements allows subjects to move freely and naturally in front of the stimulus. If the subject moves out of the eye tracking head box and then back into it, tracking is resumed almost instantly.
  • All hardware, including the eye tracking technology, user camera and speaker, is fully integrated into the eye tracker unit and monitor so as not to distract the subject.
  • Stable and reliable eye tracking calibrations eliminate the need for recalibration during long sessions.

The freedom of movement and unobtrusiveness allow subjects in behavioral studies to act naturally, thus ensuring research validity. Lengthy and accurate eye tracking studies can be performed without subjects experiencing fatigue.

Accurate, precise and reliable eye tracking

  • Highly accurate and precise gaze position data in real life conditions and over wide gaze angles.
  • Head movement compensation algorithms ensure high accuracy and precision when subjects move relative to the eye tracker.
  • Advanced drift compensation maintains high accuracy and precision under varying light conditions.
  • Robust eye tracking capability ensures very low data loss regardless of a subject’s ethnic background, age, use of glasses, contact lenses or mascara, or so-called “droopy” eyelids.
  • Robust eye tracking capability also in ambient light conditions and during large and fast head movements.
  • Very stable sampling rate allows for precise synchronization of gaze data with data from other sources, e.g. EEG systems.
  • Effective binocular eye tracking allows for studies of individual eyes’ movements.
  • The raw data from the eye tracker contains information about pupil diameter size, which can be used to study pupil size changes over time.

The very accurate and precise data enables detailed studies into minute eye movements and viewing behavior, and creates a solid foundation for highly reliable research results. The robust eye tracking capability allows you to work with a wide cross-section of the population.

Flexibility of stimuli set-ups and software

  • The Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker comprises an eye tracker unit and a removable 23” wide screen TFT monitor. The eye tracker can be used with the supplied monitor, or as a standalone eye tracker. The modular design of the system enables both stimuli presentation on the supplied monitor, and eye tracking studies of real-world flat surfaces or scenes (such as external video screens, projections and physical objects).
  • The Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker can be run in sampling rates of 60, 120, 250 or 300 Hz.
  • Old studies can easily be imported and are fully compatible with the Tobii TX300.
  • Three tracking modes: Default mode, Baby mode and Bright light illumination mode. The Bright light illumination mode improves the accuracy in the middle and bottom part of the screen for those subjects showing poor accuracy when the Default mode is used. For optimal performance when using the Bright light illumination mode, we recommend setting the eye tracker to operate at 250 Hz or lower. There is otherwise a risk of losing data at higher frequencies when tracking in complete darkness.
  • A wide range of research software applications are compatible with the Tobii TX300, including Tobii Studio eye tracking software, E-Prime Extensions for Tobii and Tobii Software Development Kit (Tobii SDK) including free MATLAB and Python 2.7 bindings. More applications that build on the Tobii Software Development Kit (Tobii SDK), can be found at the Application Market for Tobii Eye Trackers: appmarket.tobii.com.
  • Interation with StimTracker for Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker enables you to reliably and accurately synchronize screen stimuli and eye tracking data down to a single millisecond. Prepared to connect to several leading EEG and biometric data collection systems as well as a PC parallel port, StimTracker also provides a versatile solution to synchronize screen stimuli and eye tracking data with physiological data.

The numerous stimuli set-up and software options provide a flexibility that makes the system ideal for a wide variety of eye tracking studies as well as use across research departments.

Ease of use

  • Rapid and automatic calibration procedure, including flexible options for difficult subjects such as infants or subjects with low attention spans.
  • Fully automatic eye tracking using simple commands.
  • Simple set-up and installation on most Windows computers.
  • Software support for hardware configuration in studies using real-world stimuli.

Because it is easy to use, you can get results within a short time frame. A variety of researcher profiles, including students, can use the system without needing extensive training.



Technical Specifications

Technical specification

Tobii has recently adopted a comprehensive method for gaze accuracy and precision measurements to facilitate performance comparisons of different remote eye tracking systems. This Tobii TX300 specification is a condensed version of the results from these measurements and can be downloaded below.

> Download the TX300 Eye Tracker Technical Specification.

A detailed description of the test method can be found in the document Accuracy and Precision Test Method for Remote Eye Trackers

> Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker Support & Downloads

Support & Download


  • Tobii Studio Releases
    Download the Tobii Studio analysis software with your license key.
    Download Here
  • Tobii TX300 Firmware 1.1.1
    Download Tobii TX300 Firmware 1.1.1
    Download Here
  • Tobii Eye Tracking Tools 2.4.13
    Download Here
  • Trendnet adapter driver
    Drivers for Trendnet USB-LAN adapter (compatible with windows 7)
    Download Here
  • Trendnet adapter driver USB-3 compatible
    Drivers for Trendnet USB-LAN adapter (compatible with USB-3 and windows 7-64bits)
    Download Here
  • D-Link Adapter Driver
    Drivers for old USB-LAN adapter (Not compatible with windows 7)
    Download Here