April 22, 2014

nielsenIn Singapore, Nielsen has launched an Asian ‘innovation hub’ incorporating divisions for neuroscience (NeuroLAB), virtual, mobile and eye-tracking technologies (ShopperLAB) and market measurement and consumer information (MSciLAB).

NeuroLAB’s brief is to use neuroscience to provide actionable insight for advertising, branding and product packaging; ShopperLAB’s goal is to optimise in-store purchasing; MSciLAB is tasked with ‘leveraging Nielsen’s measurement science expertise to boost coverage of retail outlets in developing markets, particularly in Indonesia, India, China and Africa.’

Nielsen, which bills itself as a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, recently launched the first-of-its kind agency based ShopperLAB research facility in Asia. Nielsen’s ShopperLAB leverages on cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in shopper technology, neuroscience and measurement science to fuel shopper insights for companies working to reach consumers in Asia. ShopperLAB leverages virtual, mobile and eye-tracking technologies to yield critical insights into in-store “hot” buying zones, what shoppers do, see and feel in-store, etc. The goal is to enable clients to optimize in-store sales.

SDS ASSOCIATES has collaborated with NIELSEN on equipping the ShopperLAB with TOBII Eye Tracker System for up Consumer Behaviour Research and Virtual Shopper Research in Singapore



ShopperLAB (Using Glasses Eye Tracker)


Nielsen Shopper Lab (Lab View)


Nielsen Shopper Lab (Shopper Shelf)

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