Human behaviour is a complex interplay of different processes, ranging from completely unconscious modulations of emotional responses to decisions based on conscious thought and cognition. In fact, each of our emotional and cognitive responses is controlled by factors such as arousal, workload, and environmental conditions that influence our physiological state at that moment.

“How many ways can we measure human behaviour?”

Measure human behaviour has 6 ways to measure.

1) Eye tracker

2) GSR

3) EEG

4) ECG

5) Facial expression

6) Motion

Eye tracker
  • Corneal reflection & pupil dilation
GSR (Galvanic skin response)
  • Changes in skin conductance due to sweating
  • Changes in the electrical activity of the brain
Facial Expression
  • The activity of facial muscles
  • Changes in electrical activity caused by heart contraction
  • Changes in human body motion and activity

Understanding Eye Tracking EEG, GSR, and Facial Expression Analysis would enable you to peer under the surface of human behaviour and its underlying processes.

Given that each modality will provide insight into a specific key aspect of human behaviour, it can be quite overwhelming if you are new to the field to gain a solid overview of the various biometric sensors and available metrics (let alone the interpretation of physiological data). you can get in touch with us through our contact form on