Our expertise:
SDS’s team of dedicated ETS specialists and consultants work closely with all our clients in the field of:

Scientific Research 
One of the core market for Tobii products, Tobii’s ETS has assisted researchers and professors in scientific research in the fields of Neuropsychology, Ophthalmology, Linguistics, HCI and Cognitive and Developmental Psychology. 

Market Research
By tapping into the potential of the ETS, Market Research firms have rapidly evolved to incorporate and adapt ETS into their study for product marketability and consumer behavioral studies. ETS has since been incorporated as an integral part of the market researcher’s program to conduct shelf-testing, store layout studies, design planograms, test pack design, online questionnaires, and website usability studies. 

Usability & User Experience (“UX”) 
Website usability and user experience testing of websites represents the largest growth in the ETS market as the Internet gained increasing influence as commercial users now turned to online shopping as the alternate shopping experience. Besides testing on corporate webpages, future potential market is growing to include software design, CMS, computer games interface design studies and interactive television. 

Marketing Product Development Life-Cycle
ETS is indispensable to marketing campaigns in the modern market; from the conceptual stage of design right up to studying and verifying the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, conducting preliminary ETS studies will let you gain a competitive edge by testing the effectiveness of your TV adverts, brochure layouts, point of sale materials, email and viral marketing prior to even expending any corporate resources.